GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom voor sporters

Why do more and more top athletes use GRIZZ Energy Gum?

Professional athlete or amateur athlete; extra energy, more strength, more stamina, or faster recovery during and after exercise is something that everyone can use.

GRIZZ Energy Gum is the alternative to pre-workouts, pills, energy bars full of sugar, and unhealthy energy drinks. The benefits are very diverse, by using 1 or 2 pieces of energy gum you experience more energy during sports, more strength during training but also more endurance.

Being able to exercise for longer is not a must for everyone, but in the case of endurance sports, obtaining super fast energy and some extra strength is very pleasant. A sugar-free energy boost on the go through the use of an energy gum or caffeinated gum is not yet widely known in the sports world.

Nevertheless, there are more and more (professional)athletes as well as amateurs who use caffeinated chewing gum during sports, so it is useful to get some tips on how and when sports gum is used. This is of course very dependent on what type of sport is practiced.

GRIZZ Energy Gum cafeïnekauwgom voor meer energie en focus


Athletics is practiced on the road, in the field, and on a running track. Athletics has been called 'the mother of sports' because it encompasses basic human movements (walking, jumping, throwing). Due to the versatility of athletics, it seems that the moment of taking an energy gum will be quite different per category, but it can be simplified to the purpose for which one wants to use it.

The athletes who use GRIZZ Energy Gum indicate that the active energy substances are released very evenly so that they benefit for longer. The easy dosage, which can be linked to the time that the active substances are absorbed, means that the time of intake is between 5 and 10 minutes before the competition.

Athletes who practice their sport at (high) competition level take the dose in the so-called “call-room” where they have to take place a few minutes before they are allowed to enter the arena before being called to the start. The time in the call room is sufficient to allow the body to absorb the caffeine before the race or performance, as well as the other active energy substances in the chewing gum. The result is that the athletes have good focus and alertness at the start, sufficient muscle (positive) tension and strength during the effort as well as sufficient stamina.

Athletes who take part in throwing and jumping events can easily take the energy gum on the bench, shortly before the competition starts but of course also several times during the competition itself.

GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom voor sporters

Beach volleyball

The men and women of different beach volleyball teams that use GRIZZ usually take one energy gum just before the first game. The athletes experience more concentration, focus, and a faster reaction time, which is essential in beach volleyball. An accelerated reaction time can lead to winning an important, in some cases even the winning, point. Think of more focus during the serve, more power and reaction during smashes, and a faster reaction time during spectacular saves. 

If several games are played, it is relatively easy to take an energy gum in between. Due to the rapid absorption of the active energy substances via the oral mucosa, the result can already be felt after a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Even at big and intensive tournaments such as the well-known King of the Court, the fast absorption assures the athlete receives some well-needed extra energy, something that is impossible with products that are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Think of energy bars, shakes, pills, etc.


Also in the world of handball more and more athletes are using the energy gum from GRIZZ Energy Gum. There are numerous professional handball ladies who have discovered caffeine intake before exercise and found GRIZZ to be the ideal chewing gum for athletes due to some of the benefits mentioned above. There are ladies who need an energy boost before the competition has even started and therefore take an energy gum shortly before the start of the game. The majority, however, take an energy gum at halftime (or during substitutions) to recharge for the sequel. The ease of determining the moment of dosing is, therefore, most frequently mentioned as an advantage compared to other energy products. During training, athletes often also experience the benefits of energy gum. For example, they can sustain training sessions more easily and better, they can give more during the training sessions and they also have significantly more energy, strength, and endurance for morning training sessions in the weight room or in the hall. Goalkeepers often notice an improvement in cognitive skills. For example, they indicate that they can react more quickly to ball throws and that they stop shots more often.


Since Lewis Hamilton’s popularity in F1 and the fact that he (like most other F1 drivers) is known to have started his racing career racing in a kart, the sport of karting has been on the rise.

GRIZZ Energy Gum energiebooster

Just like in F1, the start in karting is of great importance to maintain or improve your qualifying position. Energy gum can play an important role here. The drivers experience good concentration at the start, but the increased alertness, in particular, is also crucial. Since these aspects are also of great importance during the race, it is already possible to take GRIZZ Energy Gum in the pits, after which the energy substances have already been absorbed by the body after the warm-up round and you are really ready for the start!

GRIZZ Energy Gum kauwbare oppepper

Short track speed skating

In preparation for the upcoming winter season and the Winter Games 2022, the speedskaters and short tracker speed skaters are of course already in full training. The first ice meters, weight room hours, and national and international training camps are already taking place.

The short-track speed skaters who use the energy gum of GRIZZ Energy Gum indicate that applying this product during training is a valuable addition to their performance. Not only to support them with alertness and explosiveness, but also for endurance. They indicate that they often use the energy gum for ice training or for heavy strength training.


Wikipedia describes gymnastics as follows:

“Gymnastics is a sport in which strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and elegance come to the fore. Some appliances and elements demand a lot from certain properties, for example, the bar for the ladies, where elegance and balance come to the fore. But in any case, all features are required and they can also complement each other strongly. Gymnastics is a very intensive sport: an explosion of strength and then rest again." 

An energy gum can make a positive contribution to many gymnastics exercises. Increased concentration and better focus, but also with endurance and strength. Since there are often various elements to be performed in gymnastics competitions, it is in the interest of the gymnasts to take an energy gum before the start and, if necessary, another one after a few exercises and/ or elements. This way, one remains well focused to be able to perform the next intensive elements optimally. Also in this branch of sport, the athletes who use GRIZZ indicate that they use the energy gum not only during competitions but also during regular training. An improved focus, more concentration while learning new techniques and elements, and more power with, for example, the rings part. Rings are a part that requires strength, precision, and complete focus. In addition to ring training, the athletes specialized in this part often also do some form of strength training. They also indicate that energy gum provides support during strength training.

GRIZZ Energy Gum pre-workout

Martial arts

Strength, alertness, precision, and reaction speed are aspects that play a major role in sports such as MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Muay Thai to name a few. A large number of martial artists in these sports use GRIZZ Energy Gum as a kind of pre-workout before training. Often before the morning workout as a replacement for espresso or pre-workout shake, as this can cause an unpleasant feeling in the gut right before a workout. It wakes them up, makes them alert and they are ready to start training. On fight days, it is usually taken shortly before the fight begins, often during the bandaging of the hands, followed by a short warm-up where the coach takes out the energy gum and puts in the mouthguard.

By stimulating the blood flow, the body receives more oxygen, the body cells are activated, which results in more energy. In addition, the athletes experience a faster muscle recovery, so it also works as a good post-workout product.


It is clear that energy gum can make a positive contribution to endurance athletes. Being able to sustain training and/or competitions for longer is essential.

GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom voor meer uithoudingsvermogen

There are several professional cyclists who use the caffeinated gum of GRIZZ Energy Gum. Recently, a number of young talents are also using the energy and the feedback has been phenomenal. The talents indicated that they regularly use the energy gum for cycling training and that the training sessions are much easier and this is confirmed by the wattage they pedal. They achieve higher wattages at a lower heart rate. They also indicated they could lift a few extra pounds during the strength training sessions. Another striking thing is that they stated that their motivation and especially focus increases more with an energy gum than when they consume caffeine in liquid form.

The above sports already show what added value the caffeine gum of GRIZZ Energy Gum can offer professional athletes. Regardless of what purpose, but also at what time. Of course, these experiences are well reflected in almost all sports, as GRIZZ Energy Gum has some great collaborations with national and international football clubs playing in the Eredivisie, Bundesliga, and Premier League. Energy gum also has a positive and supportive effect for many outdoor sports such as hockey, obstacle courses, climbing, rowing, mountain biking, and golf, not to mention mental sports and e-Sports.

In sports where people are outside for a longer period of time, an extra positive side effect is that it does not have a diuretic effect, so fewer toilet visits and easy to take with you. In mind sports and e-sports, more emphasis will be placed on concentration, alertness, and focus. In short, GRIZZ Energy Gum is the right sports gum for a very wide range of sports!

Do you, like many top athletes, want to get the most out of yourself and your life? Do you want that little bit of extra energy, focus, strength, and concentration so that you can overcome obstacles and deliver peak performance? Click here and order your chewable energy boost today!

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