Frequently Asked Questions


What is GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is a functional, sugar- and fat-free energy gum with 80 mg caffeine, 20 mg taurine, and 20 mg guarana. GRIZZ Energy Gum® works within 5 minutes and provides a fast and long-lasting energy boost. This allows you to enjoy, for example, more energy, better concentration, increased endurance, more strength, faster muscle recovery, and better focus.

… all the above and a fresh breath which of course is never a bad idea!

How does it taste?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® has a characteristic and refreshing mint flavor that gives you an energy boost and fresh breath at the same time. In the beginning, you can taste a delicious fresh mint flavor, followed by a slightly bitter taste, this taste means that the energy ingredients are being released and starting to do their job (caffeine has a bitter taste of itself), the bitterness disappears after a while and what remains is the typical, fresh GRIZZ taste.


How much caffeine does GRIZZ Energy Gum® contain?

A piece of GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains 80 mg caffeine, 20 mg taurine and 20 mg guarana

Why should you chew GRIZZ Energy Gum® over drinking an energy drink?

Where shall we start? The effect of energy drinks depends on many factors, for example:

  • How quickly you drink them
  • Your metabolism
  • How much / little you eat that day

Because of these factors, you never know exactly when and how much you will feel the effect of an energy drink. This can differ each time without you being able to directly control it. So much for the technical part, now the obvious advantages:

  • Price to quality ratio. Per chewing gum, you get the same amount of caffeine as an energy drink, but the price per GRIZZ Energy Gum® package with 7 (!) Chewing gums (80mg caffeine each) is €2.45 and an average energy drink costs around € 1.40 PER CAN. Just buy 7 energy drinks….
  • Faster absorption - energy gum is absorbed through the mucous membranes so that the effect can be felt within 5 minutes. Energy drinks pass through the gastrointestinal tract, a process that takes much, much longer to be absorbed into the body. This can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes.
  • No added sugars - completely sugar-free so you don't get a sugar crash after consumption! 
  • GRIZZ Energy Gum® does not contain any secretive, harmful ingredients
  • There is no deposit on packets of energy chewing gum
  • Tooth-friendly
  • Easy on the go – no litter
  • Not liquid, so fewer visits to the toilet
  • Easy during exercise, small, compact, and therefore easy to carry with you. Ever tried running with a can of energy drink in your hand? Or what about mastering your tennis skills with a can hidden in your pocket? The photos are certainly welcome!
What are the cognitive benefits that you can get from GRIZZ Energy Gum?

The cognitive benefits that GRIZZ Energy Gum® can help to promote are better focus and concentration, improved memory recall, better reaction speed, and reduced stress to name a few. These are all based on independent studies found here, here, here and here.

What is the patented production process?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is produced in a patented production process that produces at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients. Cheaper and less-effective methods produce at temperatures up to 120 °C.

Where is GRIZZ Energy Gum® manufactured?

We are proud to say that GRIZZ Energy Gum® is an energy gum produced entirely in Europe

How does GRIZZ Energy Gum® differ from other gums on the market?

Best value for money. GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains a high dose of caffeine (80mg) - where other energy gums sometimes only have 12.5mg per energy gum - and the least sweeteners (2). Many other energy gums contain an average of 3+ sweeteners, unfortunately often including less-healthy sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-K. The price per GRIZZ Energy Gum® package (€ 2.45 incl. VAT), combined with the above information, makes us stand out compared to the other energy gums on the market.


How does GRIZZ Energy Gum® work?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is, as the name implies, an energy chewing gum. The caffeine in GRIZZ is directly absorbed into the blood via the oral mucosa. This new technique is the fastest way to get caffeine into the system. With energy drinks, coffee, and green tea, on the other hand, caffeine is absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract. This will take much longer, sometimes up to 45 minutes.


When should I use GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is great when you need a quick energy boost. Whether it’s right before a training session or a match, or during a long meeting, working from home and beat the afternoon slump, jet-lagged, while gaming, driving, studying, partying, or getting up, GRIZZ is there for you when you need a quick, long-lasting energy boost! You absorb the ingredients within 5 minutes, which makes GRIZZ Energy Gum® the perfect energy boost.


How many pieces of GRIZZ Energy Gum® should I chew?

We recommend that you start with one gum. Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine, you can always take a second one. Our recommendation is a maximum of 4 gums per day.

How long should I chew on a piece of GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

From a purely technical point of view, 99% of the caffeine in GRIZZ Energy Gum® is absorbed into the blood via the oral mucosa within 5 minutes. You no longer have to chew the energy gum to feel the effect. Besides the energy boost, GRIZZ also gives you a delicious fresh mint flavor in your mouth, so you don't HAVE to chew it for long, but you CAN chew it as long as you like it.


Are there any side effect when using GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

Besides the great energy boost? No.

GRIZZ Energy Gum® consists of natural ingredients approved by the food and commodities authorities and is completely safe for consumption. Of course, always take a look at the packaging or scroll down to “Who should chew GRIZZ Energy Gum” to find out GRIZZ Energy Gum® is also suitable for you.

How long does the energy boost last?

Caffeine remains in your blood for an average of 4 to 5 hours. The duration of the energy boost that you get from the energy gum depends on your metabolism and weight and differs per person. After a few hours, the effect will gradually diminish, and your body will return to its original energy level.



Is GRIZZ Energy Gum® safe?

Yes, GRIZZ Energy Gum® is completely safe.

GRIZZ Energy Gum® consists of natural ingredients that are approved by the food- and commodity authorities and are completely safe for consumption. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), a daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine is safe for adults. Each GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains 80 mg of caffeine, which allows you to moderate your consumption.

Of course, always check the packaging or scroll down to “Who should chew GRIZZ Energy Gum®” to find out GRIZZ Energy Gum® is also suitable for you.

Is caffeine bad for my heart?

No, generally caffeine isn't bad for your heart health. However, the standard saying “everything in moderation” also applies here. As long as you stick to the recommended consumption of a maximum of 4 energy gums per day, there is nothing wrong.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 13 years of age, pregnant women, or heart patients. 

Does GRIZZ contain aspartame?

Absolutely not.

Which sweeteners does GRIZZ Energy Gum® contain?

We’re proud to say that GRIZZ Energy Gum® is the energy gum with the fewest sweeteners. We only use; xylitol and mannitol. 

Is GRIZZ Energy Gum® considered to be a performance-enhancing drug?

No. GRIZZ Energy Gum® does not fall under the anti-doping law and is not considered to be a performance-enhancing drug. In January 2004, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) withdrew caffeine from the doping list and the IOC (International Olympics Committee) agreed. 

UPDATE: Since 2021, GRIZZ Energy Gum® is officially registered on the anti-doping/ NZVT list. 

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is happy that we can contribute to a fair sports experience, certainly by providing athletes with the energy, focus, concentration, and alertness, at moments when it matters the most!

Can I use GRIZZ Energy Gum® after consuming alcohol?

Sure! The main ingredient in GRIZZ Energy Gum® is caffeine, which of course provides an energy boost, but it also helps with a terrible hangover. 

I am quite responsive to caffeine, is it a good idea for me to use GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

Each GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains 80 mg of caffeine. This is fairly equivalent to 1 energy drink or 1½ espresso. We recommend checking with yourself how sensitive you are to a cup of coffee or energy drinks. This way you can determine for yourself whether it is wise to consume GRIZZ Energy Gum® and if so when it is wise to do so.

Who should chew GRIZZ Energy Gum

What is the recommended minimum age?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is for anyone looking for a quick, fast-absorbing, and easy energy boost. According to the Food and Drug Administration, anyone over the age of 13 can consume caffeine. We also adhere to this with GRIZZ Energy Gum®, which is why the minimum age to consume GRIZZ is 13 years. 

Can I chew GRIZZ Energy Gum® if I am pregnant?

No. GRIZZ Energy Gum® is not recommended for children under the age of 13, pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Is GRIZZ Energy Gum® suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

Absolutely! GRIZZ is for everyone from 13 years old and is certainly suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There are no animal substances in GRIZZ and GRIZZ Energy Gum® is also completely wheat, lactose, and dairy-free and therefore entirely vegan. 

Who should avoid GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

Anyone who is not looking for a quick and long-lasting energy boost should avoid GRIZZ Energy Gum® because one thing is for sure: You will get one!

Furthermore, it is not recommended for:

  • Children under 13, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • People with cardiovascular disease
  • People taking ADHD medication, sleeping pills, or sedatives
  • People who are extremely responsive to caffeine

Orders and shipping

What is the GRIZZ Energy Gum® return policy?

See return policy.

What if I need to change my order?

Let us know ASAP if you need to make a change to the order, such as the number of products or the delivery address. We aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, so the sooner you let us know, the better chance we have of catching it before the package is dispatched. 

How long does a GRIZZ Energy Gum® shipment usually take?

How long a shipment takes has to do with the crowds at our partner postal services. We try to ship the order as soon as possible. All orders up to 15:00 are shipped the same day. PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, our partners may have longer lead times, meaning shipping may take longer than usual. We ask for your understanding. 

To which countries does GRIZZ Energy Gum® ship?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® delivers throughout Europe.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional shipping charges may apply depending on local shipping charges.

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay via iDEAL, PayPal, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, CartaSi), SOFORT Banking, Bancontact, and Apple Pay.

My delivery has not arrived, what to do?

The satisfaction of our customers always comes first. If the package has not arrived, please let us know as soon as possible. We always find a solution.

Business partners

Can I purchase GRIZZ Energy Gum® for the employees of my company?

Absolutely. Do you want to offer your employees optimal focus, improved concentration during working hours, and a slump-free day? Reach out to us via the business contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

How can I sell GRIZZ Energy Gum® at my retail location?

If you are interested in selling GRIZZ Energy Gum® in your store or on your website, please contact us for more information. We happily discuss all the options with you. 

What if I want to become a distributor of GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

If you are interested in distributing GRIZZ Energy Gum®, please contact us for more information. We happily discuss all the options with you.