Energy Gum

A product that is still relatively unknown in Europe: energy gum. Chew for 5 minutes and enjoy more focus, concentration, alertness, and energy for hours. Is it a panacea? No. Does what it promises? Absolutely!

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GRIZZ Energy Gum wat is energiekauwgom of energy gum?

On Wikipedia, energy gum is described as follows:

“An energy chewing gum or energy gum is a type of chewing gum that can have a stimulating effect on people. Energy gum contains a certain amount of caffeine and a number of other ingredients, which have a positive effect on physical and mental performance.”

This relatively vague and insignificant description makes us ask the following question:

What is Energy Gum?

Energy Gum is, as the name suggests, an energy chewing gum. It originally originates from America. Initially, it was developed for the military. The cognitive benefits of chewing have been known for a long time, but the link with caffeine had never been made until 1998.

In 1998, Gary Kamimori, a research physiologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, was working on a study in which he declared the majority of the military examined as "ineffective for combat." This had to do with the fact that after 48 hours without sleep, the body unwittingly started to shut down. Through several studies, he found that caffeine helped soldiers to be more alert, perform better and stay awake for 68 hours! The only problem was, it took way too long before the caffeine kicked in. The soldiers slowly started to feel more focused and energized after 20-30 minutes. This was the reason to do further research.

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Amerikaanse leger


In 1999, the US military invested $1 million and brought in the famed chewing gum scientist named Ron Ream. Ron Ream worked for “Wrigley's”, the largest and best-known chewing gum company worldwide. Ron came up with the idea of ​​developing a caffeine chewing gum. They developed a chewing gum filled with a high dose of caffeine. The effect was mind-blowing! The caffeine was quickly absorbed into the body and soldiers felt a clear difference. This was the beginning of energy gum!

Energy gum is functional chewing gum. The basis of energy gum is caffeine. The caffeine in energy gum is directly absorbed into the blood through the oral mucosa. This ensures a much faster effect than for example; coffee, energy drinks, green tea, and energy bars. 

Grizz Energy Gum blij door cafeïne

Why GRIZZ Energy Gum®?

GRIZZ Energy Gum® has the best price-quality ratio. Research shows that from a dose of 62 mg caffeine a performance-enhancing effect occurs, some even claim a minimum dose of 64 mg caffeine for improved performance. GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains a high dose of caffeine, 80 mg per piece of energy gum, whereas other energy gums sometimes only contain 12.5 mg per energy gum. Most energy gums are around a dose of 40-50 mg each, which is still too little for a definite effect. In addition to caffeine, GRIZZ Energy Gum® also contains high-quality energy-enhancing substances such as guarana (20 mg) and taurine (20 mg), which brings the total number of active energy substances to 120 mg. Are you curious how many milligrams of active energy substances you need? View the table on the home page.

Another reason why GRIZZ Energy Gum® can be your ideal energy gum is the minimal number of added sweeteners. Caffeine itself has a bitter taste. Why do many people add sugar or sweetener to an espresso? To reduce bitterness. A good energy gum has a decent amount of caffeine. This can cause a slightly bitter taste. A taste that many people do not directly associate with chewing gum, but energy chewing gum is not "normal" chewing gum. It is functional chewing gum; it improves your performance. To camouflage the taste of caffeine, quite a few sweeteners are used in energy gums, and unfortunately often also body-stressing sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-K. GRIZZ Energy Gum® does not contain these sweeteners. Where other energy gums contain an average of three or more sweeteners, GRIZZ only has two.

In short: a high-quality energy gum at a very competitive price. Thanks to the patented production process, we are able to produce the energy gum in a pleasant, normal size. We do this to make it as pleasant as possible for our users. You are looking for more energy, focus and alertness, and improved concentration, not a facial workout.

GRIZZ Energy Gum anti doping lijst / NZVT-lijst

Anti-doping-/ NZVT-list

GRIZZ Energy Gum® is officially registered on the NZVT-list. Top athletes often use nutritional supplements. To offer (professional) athletes supplements that have been checked for doping, there are several independent world anti-doping authorities. GRIZZ Energy Gum® is proud to have passed the high standards of the European anti-doping authority and made it onto the anti-doping list.

What ingredients does energy gum contain?


The base of energy gum is caffeine. Each piece of GRIZZ Energy Gum® contains 80 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a can of energy drink and/or 1 espresso. Caffeine has many positive effects, such as activating certain areas in the brain and nervous system, giving you better focus, concentration, alertness, and reaction time. Caffeine also reduces fatigue; it blocks the receptors for adenosine. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that can make you tired and sleepy.

Further benefits of caffeine are an increase in fat burning in the body and it stimulates your blood flow. Caffeine intake also helps with strength recovery and muscle pain. Caffeine increases glycogen levels after a workout, which is what "fuels" your muscles and promotes muscle recovery and performance. Caffeine intake will help you recover faster for your next workout!



Guarana is increasingly in the interest of, among others, top athletes. It comes from the seeds of the Guarana plant. This plant is also called Paullinia Cupana. These seeds of the Guarana plant contain a lot of caffeine, protein, and carbohydrates. The dose of caffeine that is used from the seed lays between 3-8%. This is more caffeine than in a coffee bean! Besides caffeine, theobromine is the main source of energy in guarana. Theobromine causes the heart muscle to expand, which causes your blood vessels to widen. This creates an energetic feeling in the body.

The extra energy that guarana gives you goes more evenly than caffeine, making it last longer. As a result, the effect of GRIZZ Energy Gum® stays for a longer time. The energy boost at the beginning is due to the high dose of caffeine, and then the guarana kicks in for long-lasting energy.

Guarana has been used in energy drinks for a long time now, but until recently it was unknown in the energy gum market. Like coffee beans, it is a source of caffeine and even has higher caffeine doses than a coffee bean. This makes it a perfect remedy for fatigue, improves learning ability, relieves pain, and even improves the skin! Research shows that people who took a guarana-containing vitamin supplement experienced less fatigue during various tests compared to people who did not take it. A growing problem is overweight and obesity. While energy drinks contain sugar and/ or harmful sweeteners, research shows that caffeine and guarana improve fat burning. In this study, you can read how guarana can suppress genes of fat cells and thus contribute to fat reduction in the body.


As the last basic ingredient of GRIZZ Energy Gum®, we have chosen the semi-essential amino acid taurine. Taurine is high in sulfur, which is important for a number of physiological functions of the body, including endurance. Every human body naturally possesses taurine, but it benefits even more from getting it from food. A 2018 study showed an improvement in endurance training performance after only a minimal dose of taurine. This means that athletes can benefit from it, both for bodybuilders and endurance athletes it can have a positive effect on their training.

Taurine can also ensure a better recovery of the body. It is a strong antioxidant in the body and can prevent damage and muscle stress during a workout, but also speed up muscle recovery after a workout. Furthermore, taurine plays an important role in vision, during learning and studying, your motor skills, muscle contractions, heart rhythm (a reduced taurine status in your body would increase the chance of bothersome heart rhythm disorders), and your blood pressure.

GRIZZ Energy Gum wat doet energy gum?

What does energy gum do?

Energy gum provides more energy and improved focus, concentration, and alertness. By means of this relatively new technique and the ingredients described above, the body gets a boost without you experiencing the well-known dip effect.

This innovative technology ensures that the caffeine is absorbed by your body in just 5 minutes. It does not go through the gastrointestinal tract but through the oral mucosa. A difference of about 30 minutes.

Energy Gum provides better concentration and improved focus, extra strength, more endurance, and increases calorie burning and blood flow. This ensures faster muscle recovery and reduction of muscle pain. GRIZZ Energy Gum® is a sugar-free energy gum, so you will not suffer from the well-known sugar dip. It also improves your reaction time, alertness, and memory function. An additional advantage is that the use of GRIZZ Energy Gum® helps to prevent tooth decay. This is because the sweetener Xylitol has been added to the energy gum.

The caffeine in energy gum stays in the body for an average of 4-5 hours. The body will gradually return to its original energy state after 2-3 hours.

GRIZZ Energy Gum hoe wordt de energy booster van GRIZZ gemaakt?

How is energy gum made?

There are different methods how energy gum can be made. This completely depends on the ingredients used. We are proud to announce that GRIZZ Energy Gum® is a European-produced energy gum. Our energy gum is produced via a patented production process. In this process, the energy gum is produced at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients. That is what matters in the end! By means of this innovative production process, we are able to create an optimal format, in which all ingredients and energy substances are optimally utilized and it is a pleasant format for our users. This way you get the size of normal chewing gum with the functionality of energy gum. Cheaper and less effective methods produce at temperatures up to 120°C.

Can't wait to try it out yourself? Click here to order your GRIZZ Energy Gum®. Get the most out of yourself and your life. Improved focus, alertness, energy, and concentration whenever and wherever you want.

What are the benefits of energy gum?

That energy gum works faster, longer, and more intensively than many other sources have been scientifically proven, but there are quite a few other benefits that you can enjoy when chewing energy gum. Below is a list of the most important benefits of our energy gum:

  • Fast absorption! The energy substances are absorbed into the body after 5 minutes
  • Ideal for: sports, working, studying, driving, gaming, or, for example, during night shifts and long travel days.
  • Improves your alertness and reaction time
  • Positive effect on your memory function
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Aspartame and Acesulfame-K free
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • 0% fat
  • Best value for money
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • More strength and stamina
  • Contains more active energy ingredients than the average energy drink
  • Strengthens your teeth and helps prevent tooth decay
  • Not liquid. Fewer toilet visits
  • Convenient to take with you on the go – small and compact
  • No deposit
  • Fresh breath