GRIZZ Energy Gum voor meer focus, concentratie en energie

The KNBSB and GRIZZ Energy Gum have officially signed a partnership agreement

GRIZZ Energy Gum and the KNBSB have signed a multi-year partnership. GRIZZ is an immediate partner of the KNBSB Business Club and will sponsor the A-selections with energy gum to provide them with extra energy, focus, and alertness for the next three years. In addition, GRIZZ will be visible and active around youth events and match days and special promotions will be organized at relevant times to offer the fans and supporters benefits.

Baseball in the Netherlands started in Amsterdam, which set the tone for many years. GRIZZ Energy Gum also started in Amsterdam and plans to set the tone for many years to come!

GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom voor topsporters

Hit & Run is something that certainly applies to baseball and softball, but will absolutely not be the approach of this partnership, because both parties assume a structural partnership for the longer term.

It is nice to see that the KNBSB retains the good things of its history, but is also constantly innovating by developing multiple variants. This innovative strength connects the KNBSB with the innovativeness of GRIZZ Energy Gum.

A modern product in which the advantage of chewing in general, which reduces stress, is combined with a number of active energy substances to stay alert, focused, and concentrated. Aspects that are of paramount importance in base- and softball!

It is therefore no surprise that the KNBSB and GRIZZ Energy Gum have found each other so quickly and that they are on the same page in terms of collaboration, innovation, and sports experience.

The KNBSB has a worldwide image, great ambitions, and supporters that expect the best; the same goes for GRIZZ Energy Gum. Both parties will develop special activations and experiences for the players, fans, and supporters, which will actually benefit everyone.

“Together we grow, together we succeed!”

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