GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom helpt bij langer gamen

Partnership eRacingTV x GRIZZ Energy Gum

Professional gamer? No way.

To many people, gaming has a negative image. Still, the stereotypical gamer in his/her basement with an unhealthy lifestyle has long passed. More and more youngsters are making a conscious choice to become professional gamers or e-athletes.

The British esports market is one of the fastest-growing markets. It has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years. By coming more and more into the limelight of the mainstream media, larger sponsorship contracts are being concluded and the prize money to be won continues to rise. England has several major, international e-sports players such as Jaden Ashman, Kyle Jackson, Ben Bance, and Spencer Ealing, to name just a few.

GRIZZ Energy Gum is regularly used by esports athletes. It helps with a sharper focus, better concentration, and accelerated alertness, which are essential in gaming.

GRIZZ Energy Gum esports samenwerking


Recently GRIZZ has set up a new partnership with eRacingTV.

eRacingTV is an independent organizer and broadcaster of Cycling eSports events. Over the next eight weeks, they will be organizing the so-called Criterium Cup, which will officially kick off the eRacing season. The Criteriumcup is a series of short competitions on the Zwift platform, aimed at the Dutch and Flemish markets. The fun factor comes first in this competition and they try to bring the funfair atmosphere that you often have with outdoor cycling to the indoor world. Short races packed with action, party music, and enthusiastic commentary.

The goal of eRacingTV is to put eRacing on the map and eventually (when allowed again) organize physical events with an audience! They also want to develop the Beneliga, the largest eRacing competition in the Benelux, into an (inter)national concept and household name!

GRIZZ Energy Gum kauwgom voor gamers


GRIZZ Energy Gum supports the athletes through fun giveaways and by making the energy gum available. As can be read in our slogan, GRIZZ stands for FRESH, FOCUS, FIT & FUN. An essential part of the Criterium Cup. Two parties that share a passion for (e)sports and gaming, have big goals in mind and are community-oriented ensure a perfect synergy between the two brands.

A brief explanation from eRacingTV founder and managing director Lieven Anthonise:

“We are very happy with the collaboration we have with GRIZZ. We share a passion for (professional) sports and gaming and think that GRIZZ Energy Gum can give the participants of our events an ideal kick and alertness. We see the energy gum as a great legal stimulant 😉”

Would you like to know more about eRacingTV or would you like to participate in the Criterium Cup yourself and have the chance to win the energy gum from GRIZZ Energy Gum? Register now via this link.

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