GRIZZ Energy Gum kauwgom voor sporters op de anti-dopinglijst

GRIZZ Energy Gum is officially registered on the NZVT list!

Energy gum for (top) athletes

Top athletes often use nutritional supplements. In order to offer (professional) athletes supplements that have been checked for doping, NPN, together with NOC*NSF (The Dutch Olympic Committee) and the Dutch Doping Authority, has set up the Netherlands Security System for Nutritional Supplements for Top Sports (shortened: NZVT). This allows us to provide top athletes and their supervisors with information and certainty about clean food supplements so that the chance of positive doping results as a result of the use of food- and sports supplements is as little as possible.

What does the NZVT system involve?

  • Analysis of supplements for the absence of doping substances by a renowned laboratory in the Netherlands as well as a counter-expertise in England.
  • Additional measures in addition to HACCP in the field of product development, purchasing, production, control, and labeling of these food supplements.
  • Independent assurance by the WFSR (Wageningen Food Safety Research)
  • Information for top athletes about approved products via

GRIZZ Energy Gum is proud to have passed the high standards and made it onto the anti-doping list.

The energy gum is of high quality, clean and safe, and therefore fits well into the nutritional schedules of professional and Olympic athletes (a group that is the most tested worldwide, always under a magnifying glass).

GRIZZ Energy Gum is happy that we can contribute to a fair sports experience, certainly by providing athletes with the energy, focus, concentration, and alertness, at moments when it matters the most!