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GRIZZ Energy Gum and Caged Steel Partnership

Caged Steel, UK’s pioneer for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and GRIZZ Energy Gum, an innovative, fast-growing energy gum brand, announced their partnership in which GRIZZ Energy Gum will be an official sponsor for Caged Steel 27. GRIZZ Energy Gum will be available to all Caged Steel athletes to help them throughout fight camp and will be available to all mixed-martial-arts fans and visitors.

Two companies driven by sports, innovation, and community. Each brand’s authenticity is a strength that will allow both brands to build brand loyalty among fans and consumers. 

As well as putting on entertaining shows that increase fighter profiles, allowing them to reach the pinnacle of their career and giving the paying public a great night out, Caged Steel also works within the community and grow the martial arts world. They provide coaches to teach children within their schools.

As stated above GRIZZ Energy Gum will provide unlimited energy gum to the athletes during fight camp and their preparation for Caged Steel 27. This so the athletes can enjoy more energy, better focus, concentration, and improved alertness.

We’re absolutely thrilled about the partnership and look forward to Caged Steel 27. Together we grow, together we succeed.

December 4th – Caged Steel 27 at The Dome, Doncaster UK