Makkelijker leren met GRIZZ Energy Gum

Can energy gum help with studying?

The end of the year is approaching again. The days are getting shorter, it’s getting dark earlier, fatigue sets in faster, and the increased COVID measures are causing general gloom. Still, for a lot of students, the end of the year means one thing: upcoming exams…

Where it was still possible to do a study for a longer period of time (without this having major (financial) consequences) back in the day, it is of paramount importance to finish your study as quickly as you can today.

For example, students who fail an interim examination in June and cannot resite their exams until after the summer period will simply have to pay tuition fees again for the following year. This financial pressure means that more and more students are reaching out to external resources to increase learning performance. It is however not always clear to them what works and what doesn’t, and even more unclear are the possible risks or side effects of the taken supplements. There are several factors that contribute to the fact that many students look for performance-enhancing drugs. Such as not wanting to leave their school year or the peer pressure to still go to a house party even though you are way behind schedule and will get yourself into trouble for the upcoming exam.

GRIZZ Energy Gum beter als Ritalin

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam conducted a study in February 2020 (i.e. just before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic) into the use among students of the drug Ritalin (primarily used against ADHD). This drug can help maintain better focus and concentration, something that many students struggle with.

On top of constant distractions, the entire COVID situation has come to a rise again, with many classroom lectures being canceled and students finding themselves in a kind of isolation again. The personal, face-to-face, contact disappears again, but the merciless study schedule continues unabated. Many students struggle to maintain focus on study and are unable to discipline themselves to continue studying alone for many hours a day at home. As a result, a large number of students have fallen behind who, in a normal situation, maybe would have remained motivated and inspired.

Energy chewing gum for athletes also suitable for students?

When you start studying, focus and good concentration are important. Many students could use some help with this, so it's not surprising that many students use caffeine as an aid to study. It is known that the use of a caffeine-containing product, in a relatively low dose, can contribute to better focus, concentration, and the prevention of fatigue.

However, not everyone is crazy about the taste of coffee and especially the taste of pure caffeine (in whatever form) besides the diuretic effect, which means that frequent toilet visits also form an interruption and provide extra distraction.

Major manufacturers of energy drinks know exactly how to speak to the group of students and often tempt them to use them, even though many of these energy drinks still contain tons of sugar, which means that after consumption, a considerable sugar dip and major loss of concentration is inevitable.

Students who regularly visit a gym/fitness have come into contact with caffeine pills or shakes. These types of products, like coffee and energy drinks, are absorbed through the digestive tract and therefore need a long time before the benefits become noticeable.

GRIZZ Energy Gum cafeïne kauwgom voor sporters

A product that is still relatively unknown to students, but which can certainly contribute to better concentration and focus, is caffeinated chewing gum (also called sports chewing gum or energy gum). One of the biggest advantages of caffeinated chewing gum is that it is absorbed through the oral mucosa and is therefore already effective after about five minutes. So it is extremely easy to dose and can be used just minutes before you start studying.

Many top athletes have already discovered energy gum for a long time, especially if they have to start training or competitions in a completely focused and concentrated way. For endurance athletes, there is also the fact that it does not have a diuretic effect and that it remains effective for a longer period of time. Elements that are also important for studying.

In particular, the good dosage of active energy substances in a caffeine chewing gum, no disadvantages of use such as with energy drinks (sugar dip), pills or shakes (hard to dose/ time and long absorption time), or even Ritalin (available via a medical prescription) are causing an increased interest for energy gum among students.

GRIZZ Energy Gum cafeïne kauwgom voor studenten


However, one should understand neither underdosing nor overdosing on caffeine and other active energy substances such as guarana and taurine produce the correct effect. In general, the rule of thumb is that you should consume approximately 2mg of active energy per kilogram of body weight to experience a positive effect on your alertness, attention, and reaction time. If you are below this, this falls under the placebo effect, and with an overdose, restlessness and insomnia can occur, which is not useful either if you must continue learning.

In addition, the degree of caffeine tolerance must also be considered, if one is already used to several cups of coffee per day, there may be a higher tolerance than if one does not consume anything in this area at all.

For a product such as GRIZZ Energy Gum, the calculation looks like this:
Each piece of energy gum contains 120mg of active energy substances, divided into 80mg caffeine, 20mg guarana, and 20mg taurine.

120mg: 2mg/kilo of body weight is 60 kilos. People between 50 and 70 kilos are recommended to start with 1 chewing gum at a time and experience what this does to you. People over 70 kilos can decide to take 2, which is also possible given the size.

Below is a simple table to show how many active energy substances you need

Bodyweight (in kg) Min. amount of energy substances (in mg) Recommendation (in mg)
50 100 150
60 120 180
70 140 210
80 160 240
90 180 270

The absorption time is only 5 minutes (via the oral mucosa) and the effect lasts for a fairly large number of hours (approximately 3 to 5 hours), making studying a lot easier to sustain, and due to the increased concentration, you probably must study less long since you can study more concentrated and intensively. Win-win!

GRIZZ Energy Gum energiekauwgom tijdens het studeren

In quieter moments when you listen to lectures, it may not always be necessary to use an extra energy product, but in the case of large projects with a firm deadline or a week full of exams, it can be a godsend. If you spend ten hours a day trying to learn things with focus, you’ll eventually lose focus on the second or third day. You simply can't keep that intensity up.

In short, no more Ritalin, but opting for a healthier alternative in the form of a high-quality energy gum. Better focus, longer concentration, and the perfect product to stay sharp and help you with the last stretch!