Meer focus en concentratie tijdens het gamen met GRIZZ Energy Gum

Better and longer concentration while gaming

How can an energy gum support gamers to perform better while gaming? The use of energy gum is (not yet) well established in the game scene and many gamers do not know what to expect from this type of chewing gum. They often still use the "old-fashioned" way to get a quick energy boost or more focus while gaming. By the old-fashioned way, we mean energy drinks or liquid supplements such as shakes or to take a break because they can no longer concentrate on the game.

Cafeïnekauwgom voor een betere concentratie tijdens het gamen

Concentration while gaming is different from concentration at school or in the workplace. Concentration as it is known is mainly focusing on what you are doing. All attention to what needs to be done. Concentration in gaming and esports is just the opposite. You should NOT think at all, you are completely in the zone. Your actions will come naturally.

In gaming, we know different levels of concentration. We can divide them into six different levels.

Level 1

You are at your best and completely in your element

You are completely one with the game. From the start of the game, you focus your full attention on the game. You react quickly and if a teammate does a little less or messes up, you stay focused on your own game and don't get distracted.

Level 2

It's still going well, but you are increasingly influenced by opponents and/or events

You've been gaming for a while now. A few games later your concentration is starting to fade. You are still doing well but you are regularly influenced by your opponents or by events that you have no influence on now. At this point, you are distracted and occasionally annoyed by unnecessary mistakes. A slow teammate, the one who says right when he/she means left, an unnecessary, unfortunate spawn. The wrong place at the wrong time… you're starting to get out of your zone.

Level 3

Tension rises and so does irritation

The tension is rising. The games become more intensive, longer and the emotions run high. You have to work hard for a good result when it was so easily last time. How is this possible? Doubt increases, irritation increases and you are over-critical of yourself, which pushes you even further from concentration level 1.

Level 4

As long as I don't lose

Your performance is going downhill. Now it’s just a matter of I don't want to lose. No unfortunate spawns, no stupid mistakes. Winning doesn't matter anymore, all that matters now is not losing, not becoming last. Recklessness is increasing, aggression and frustration are increasing, will I be able to save my game? How do I get more concentration again? How do I get the focus back that I had at the start of the game?

Level 5

What are the consequences?

Winning or losing no longer counts. The moment you reach this level, you are no longer involved with the game. All that goes on in your head are things like: How does this affect my ranking? I don't want to be the worst of the day. You are completely removed from your game and achievements.

Level 6

Consoles fly through the air

This is it. All energy, concentration, and fun in the game are gone. Because you have strayed like this, nothing goes the way you want it to go. The frustration hits and you have to hold yourself back from throwing your console or having a tantrum.

When you stray from level 1, it is of course important to get you back to the first concentration level as quickly as possible. This is ultimately where you win games. At times like these, it's perfect to use energy gum. As soon as you drift from level 1 to level 2, it is best to immediately take an energy gum to ensure that you do not wander further.

Betere focus en concentratie tijdens het gamen met GRIZZ Energy Gum

GRIZZ for more XP

Every gamer tries to minimize the so-called AFK. Being able to continue gaming for as long as possible can be quite a challenge. How do you maintain your concentration without slacking off? How do you stay focused and alert? And how do you actually minimize your “away from keyboard” time? Many gamers see the solution in taking a can of energy drink, what they often do not realize is that this causes a relatively small boost after a relatively long time and after that, they sink even deeper due to the so-called sugar crash! Energy gum is actually there to help gamers maintain their focus and mental dexterity while playing, without the intense rush that many energy products provide.

In PVP situations you just want to be the best. The name says it all: Player versus Player. Here everything must be done so that you can beat your opponent. In such situations, energy gum cannot fail.

A massive advantage of energy gum is that it is quickly absorbed by your oral mucous membranes, after about five minutes the body absorbs the active energy substances. This means that whilst chewing (your hands can just stay on the controller or keyboard), you gain better concentration, faster reaction time, and extra focus.

GRIZZ Energy Gum voor gamers en esporters

This quick concentration boost allows you to game longer, stay awake longer and easier, and keep your focus; perks that can help you defeat opponents. In addition, it is a healthy replacement for an energy drink that often contains sugar, which does not apply in the case of GRIZZ Energy Gum. Sugar is more likely to cause fatigue and should therefore be avoided.

It is also not a big surprise that energy gum or caffeinated gum has become a very popular e-Sports supplement, something that could happen within the world of gaming rather soon as well. The well-known snowball effect has already occurred within the e-Sports community. More and more esports athletes are using energy gum during tournaments and sessions and indicates that it gives them an advantage over the competition. This is something that could soon also happen within the game community. The energy gum ensures that you can stay focused much better and longer while gaming, increasing the chance that you will end up as a winner.


Langer gamen door GRIZZ Energy Gum

Because energy gum is not a diuretic, you will have to visit the toilet less often, which significantly extends your net screen time. The addition of Xylitol promotes the prevention of tooth decay plus chewing helps against any stress.

Erik Scherder, professor of neuropsychology and known for many lectures and TV appearances, among others, has regularly explained the positive connection between chewing and stress. Key points here are that chewing is almost the same as walking, your heart rate goes up and your brain gets more oxygen because of better blood flow. A form of a self-regulating effect occurs in the body and the stress is reduced. Scientific studies have also been done where this effect is confirmed.

Why GRIZZ Energy Gum?

Product validation is a core element of GRIZZ Energy Gum. The energy gum market is growing rapidly and there are both large and small brands active. However, the quality of a lot of energy gum is debatable. For example, they often contain too little caffeine to give an actual effect and they are full of Aspartame and Acesulfame-K or they promote Vitamin B6, which the body produces itself and therefore you do not have to get out of an energy gum. It’s simply a marketing tool.

Extra focus tijdens het gamen met de cafeïnekauwgom van GRIZZ Energy Gum

GRIZZ Energy Gum is developed through a patented production process. In this process, the energy gum is produced at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients to ensure that the unique needs of gamers are met. What matters in the end! By means of this innovative production process, we are able to create an optimal format, in which all ingredients and energy substances are optimally utilized and it is a pleasant format for our users.

Don't become the Leeeeeroooooy Jeeeeenkins of the game but Git Gud and PWN the game!

If the energy gum from GRIZZ can help you with this, don't hesitate and try it yourself. Order your chewable concentration booster here