Energy during sports, so also with e-sports is key to perform well. For example, e-sports athletes in Real-time Strategy games (RTS) must be able to plan well ahead and make tactical decisions where e-sports athletes in fighting games and first-person shooter (FPS) games such as Call of Duty, Counterstrike, or Doom should be able to quickly respond to certain situations.


More energy and focus for gamers and e-sports players

When you need a positive energy boost, want to feel fitter, be more alert and stay focused for a longer period of time, GRIZZ Energy Gum is your gaming and e-sports supplement! It is the ideal coffee replacement or energy drink replacement, especially because of the lack of a diuretic effect, so fewer toilet visits, just keep on going. Longer gaming, better focus, responsiveness, and staying focused are the result after 1 or 2 GRIZZ energy gums.

GRIZZ Energy Gum meer focus tijdens het gamen

Grab your GRIZZ!

The big difference with other caffeinated products is that GRIZZ Energy Gum is absorbed through the oral mucosa and not through the gastrointestinal tract. This ensures an accelerated absorption. The caffeine of our energy gum is absorbed into the blood after 5 minutes, where the “regular” energy boosters such as coffee or energy drinks take 20-30 minutes. Of course, this also applies to more concentration during learning or studying because this sugar-free energy gum does not lead to the infamous sugar dip.

GRIZZ Energy Gum is a cool, modern product that suits today's society where more and more attention is being paid to health, good (organic) nutrition, and safe ingredients. Trendy and also suitable for people who go through life vegan or gluten-free. Also, don't forget your GRIZZ when exams or other tests have to be taken, better concentration and focus lead to better results!

GRIZZ Energy Gum cafeïne kauwgom tijdens het gamen

Less suffering from shoulder, neck, and back pain

A well-known problem among gamers is pain in the neck, shoulder, back, and head. GRIZZ Energy Gum ensures higher calorie burning and stimulates blood circulation. By activating the blood flow in the body you will suffer less from these problems and experience less pain. Furthermore, the body receives more oxygen, which results in more energy, better focus, alertness, and better concentration since all body cells, including brain cells, are activated. You can continue gaming and e-sports much longer and if you still need an energy boost quickly, the active substances are absorbed by the oral mucosa after 5 minutes and remain active for hours.

It is possible to take several energy gums per day, just like coffee. Our advice is a maximum of 4 energy gums per day and from the age of 13.

GRIZZ Energy Gum is produced using a patented system, which means that more active energy substances are retained. The energy gum consists of natural raw materials, with a high dose of caffeine, which makes GRIZZ Energy Gum 'the choice of professionals' for athletes, gamers, and e-sport athletes!

Why GRIZZ Energy Gum

  • tested and recommended by gamers and professional e-sports players
  • healthy, modern product, fresh taste, and completely safe
  • 0% sugar, 0% fat, 0% aspartame, 0% acesulfame-K, 0% sucralose
  • Gluten-free & Vegan
  • absorbed through the oral mucosa and works already after 5 minutes, so extra energy in case of fatigue
  • made from natural raw materials with a high dose of caffeine (80mg per energy gum)
  • good for concentration during gaming, e-sports, and studying no sugar dip (#skipthedip), enjoy hours of extra energy (up to 5 hours)
  • good for the focus to be able to perform optimally and score!
  • no laxative or diuretic effect so 'keep on going'
  • more oxygen in the body cells so increased alertness and reaction speed
  • inexpensive – best price/quality ratio
  • contains more active ingredients than the average energy drink
  • easy to take with you, for when you play games with friends, go to an event or participate in a competition
  • stimulates blood flow less "pain" when sitting for longer
  • staying awake until the wee hours (or until the sun comes up again)